January 23, 2023

NHL fans, get ready to enter hockey heaven.

A subscription to SN NOW PREMIUM now includes NHL LIVE!

This means a subscription to SN NOW PREMIUM is the premier digital destination for hockey fans in Canada.


Available entirely within the Sportsnet app, users can stream everything users previously enjoyed on NHL LIVE, plus everything else Sportsnet has to offer, under one subscription.

This means that in addition to over 1,000 national and out-of-market games, a PREMIUM subscription also comes with other exclusives not available on SN NOW STANDARD, including the WWE Network, Sportsnet World, Bundesliga, FA Cup, Premiership Rugby, Super League Rugby, National Rugby League and United Rugby Championship.

What is an out-of-market game?

Out-of-market games are ones that feature two teams outside your local territory. It has nothing to do with home or away games, but rather, your location in Canada and which team is considered your in-market one(s) that help designate what is out-of-market.

For example, if you are a Bruins fan living in Alberta, the Bruins would be considered out-of-market, since the Flames and Oilers are the in-market teams in that province.

NHL LIVE would allow you to watch Bruins games throughout the season.

The same is true for Canadian teams. If you’re a Jets fan living in British Columbia, the Jets would be considered out-of-market, as the Canucks are in-market.

How do I know which subscription is right for me? 

The right subscription option depends on which team you cheer for and where you’re located.

To find the package right for you, check out our article on streaming games in Canada, which includes a handy chart breakdown for reference.

This opens a world of possibilities for hockey fans, making SN NOW PREMIUM and NHL LIVE a one-two combo that can’t be beat.

So, go ahead and treat yourself to more puck than ever before.

This is Canada, after all.

Who doesn’t want more hockey?

What is Sportsnet NOW? Sportsnet NOW is a multi-sport streaming product, currently available on desktop or laptop through your web browser, as well as smartphones, tablets, Apple TV (4th gen), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Google Chromecast by downloading the Sportsnet app.

SN NOW Standard is priced at $14.99/month or $149.99/year and grants you 24/7 streaming access to Sportsnet East, West, Ontario, Pacific and Sportsnet ONE.

SN NOW Premium is priced at $34.99 per month or $249.99/year and provides you access to the same channels as SN NOW, plus additional content not broadcast on TV.

Sportsnet NOW is also included for free with your TV subscription with participating providers based on the Sportsnet channels you have in your television package.

For a list of participating providers, please visit www.snnow.ca/faq.

Content includes: Over 1,000 total NHL games, all outdoor games, the NHL All-Star Game, entire Stanley Cup Playoffs, NHL Draft, up to 162 Toronto Blue Jays games, MLB regular season matchups, MLB Home Run Derby and All-Star Game, Postseason and World Series, Grand Slam of Curling, 41 regular season Toronto Raptors games, 200+ marquee NBA matchups, NBA Playoffs and Finals matchups, NBA Draft, WWE, FA Cup, Bundesliga, National Bank Open presented by Rogers, all your favourite Sportsnet original programming and much more.