56 Toronto Maple Leafs Games on Sportsnet NOW

July 16, 2020


NOTE: All Leafs Stanley Cup Qualifiers and Stanley Cup Playoffs games will be available in a subscription. All games are blackout-free.

Looking to stream Leafs games online, without blackouts?

If you live in the blue highlighted region above (Ontario, west of Belleville), you are located in the Toronto Maple Leafs broadcast region.

This means a subscription to Sportsnet NOW lets you stream 56 Leafs (16 regional + 40 national) games* live and blackouts free. Sign up for as long as you want and cancel whenever you’d like.

Find out exact which Leaf games will be included with your subscription by clicking here

Note: The remaining 26 Leafs regional games are not owned by Sportsnet and thus not in this product. If you’re traveling outside of the Leafs viewing region, you will be subject to blackout restrictions in that region.

If you live outside of the Leafs region, you will only receive their national games. If you are not in the Leafs viewing region but would like to stream their regional games, NHL LIVE™ may be the product you’re looking for. LEARN MORE>

In addition to streaming the most Leafs games, a subscription to Sportsnet NOW also lets you stream over 500 NHL games, including more Canadian team games than any other network, all outdoor games, the NHL All-Star Game, NHL Draft and entire Stanley Cup Playoffs.

While we can’t predict who’s going to win the Stanley Cup, here’s what we’re sure about: Sportsnet NOW has got Leafs fans covered so they can see the season’s biggest moments, from puck drop to the Stanley Cup.

What is Sportsnet NOW? Sportsnet NOW is a multi-sport streaming product, priced at $9.99 a week, $19.99 or $27.99 per month, plus applicable taxes. No contract required. You can sign up for as long as you want and cancel whenever you like.

It is also available to purchase for a full year through an annual pass subscription for a one-time fee.

A subscription grants you 24/7 streaming access to Sportsnet East, West, Ontario, Pacific, Sportsnet 360, Sportsnet ONE and content not available on the Sportsnet television channels.

Sportsnet NOW is also included for free with your TV subscription with participating providers based on the Sportsnet channels you have in your television package. For a list of participating providers, please visit www.snnow.ca/faq.

Sportsnet NOW is currently available on desktop or laptop through your web browser, as well as smartphones, tablets, Apple TV (4th gen), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Google Chromecast by downloading the Sportsnet app.

Content includes: Over 500 total NHL games, all outdoor games, the NHL All-Star Game, entire Stanley Cup Playoffs, NHL Draft, up to 162 Toronto Blue Jays games, MLB regular season matchups, MLB Home Run Derby and All-Star Game, Postseason and World Series, Grand Slam of Curling, 41 regular season Toronto Raptors games, 200+ marquee NBA matchups, NBA Playoffs and Finals matchups, NBA Draft, CHL, Memorial Cup, WWE, FA Cup, Bundesliga, IndyCar, Rogers Cup Tennis, all your favourite Sportsnet original programming and much more.